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Affidavit (Lawyers Conspericy to Embezzle $150,000 by Conversion)

November 14, 2011
Criminal Judges, deprivation of natural and legal rights. The conspiracy and their plan on how they tried to embezzle the $150,000 of personal assets during the Guardianship Period.

Sent to: Kevin L. Perkins (Assistant Director, FBI)
Cc: Robert S. Mueller (Director, FBI)

Dear Mr. Perkins,

On August 22, 2011, you had responded to a letter I sent to Director Mueller regarding violations under “Federal Civil Rights Statutes; Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242, Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law and Title 18, U.S.C., Section 241, Conspiracy Against Rights”

In your letter you had stated “The seizing of property is a lawful action performed by law enforcement and has recourse to allow for seized property to be returned to the original owner”.

I had then replied to Director Mueller, stating;

“I have no clue where Assistant Director Kevin Perkins got his information, but he must have this case mixed up with some other case or someone in the DOJ just made this all up; in either case it does not apply to the Federal Civil Rights Statutes complaint which I filed. There was never any seized property. There was never any law enforcement officers involved. The property could never be returned though lawful recourse because it had never been seized in the first place. In no document at anytime had I ever mentioned the word “seized”. It really doesn’t make any sense at all on why Mr. Perkins had stated this in his letter.”

To further clear the matter up I have attached the first draft of an Affidavit that I am working on for upcoming legal issues as a result of the fifteen years of judicial corruption. I only have the about a quarter of the first draft almost completed, I excepted to be over a hundred pages by the time I have completed it. This is the section that explains the conspiracy and their plan on how they tried to embezzle the $150,000 of personal assets during the Guardianship Period. After that I suppose it was all damage control; fifteen years of damage control.

I thought you would like to have the facts to this case, and that the fairytale that my personal assets was seized is just that, a fairytale. The next section is the best part; that part shows how lawyers and Probate Judges embezzle money out of estates…

I will keep sending you facts as I complete the Affidavit so that we can this mess cleaned up and recover my entitlements. Everyone else is afraid to get involved in this case; but, the law is the law, and by law no one has a right to deprive me of my natural and legal rights, not even criminal judges… especially criminal judges.

This is what our Constitution and Federal Government is for; to protect us citizens from government oppression and tyranny.

Did you know, according to FBI records, the first time that I reported these criminal acts was almost three and half years ago?

Whatever happened to the rule of law…

Stephen R. Lilley

 AFFIDAVIT Lilley_111103_first draft

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